Looks of the week/ BLACK leather & WHITE wool

It is insanely cold in Belgium for the moment. It feels like we are still far from spring weather, atleast that I have felt this weekend since me and my family went for a trip to the North of France.  I was packed in totally to not transform into an ice cube but unfortunately that outfit is not really worth to post since I just looked like I was going to the north pole. 😉 Anyway, it was important to stay a little warm this week with some nice woolen sweaters, and these woolen sweaters are the red line throughout my blogpost.

I am very fond of this outfit with the black leather skirt. Leather is really in fashion right now and at first I thought that leather was not really something that fitted into my clothing style since it is a little harsh and has something edgy to it. However I managed to combine it in a way that suits my clothing style completely. The black leather is softened a little bit by the white woolen sweater and the light pink handbag. Oh, and these are new over the knee boots, what do you think?

leatherskirt2leather4 (1)

Leather skirt: Samsøe & Samsøe
Overknee boots: Topshop
Pink handbag: gotten as a gift
Sweater: Q/S

The next two outfits are quite basic so not so special but they fit completely into the theme of this blogpost, so I thought it was good to post them anyway. It was also important to stay a little warm so a cosy scarf and hat were needed. Oh, and they are ofcourse combined with my favourite overknee boots, it is all I wear lately!

wollentruimuts1 (1)witttetruienmuts2 (1)

Hat: Chillouts
Sweater: ZARA
Pants: Hollister
Shoes: Schutz


Sweater: J crew
Scarf: gotten as a gift

Next to that, I also have been to the hairdresser this week. Not for cutting my hair but to remove my hair extensions which I had in for a long time. So yes, unfortunately I have to admit I don’t have this long and full hair of myself.
Since my teenager years I have been struggling quite a lot with the fine and thin hair I have since I was never able to style my hair the way I wanted. I succeeded to grow out my hair until a good length but because it was so thin, I couldn’t do anything with it.
I quite fast found a way to solve the problem and that was hair extensions.
You hear a lot of bad stories about hair extensions, for instance that they damage your hair and that your hair will fall out. Unfortunately, I can’t really tell if my hair has gotten even thinner after wearing it or not, since you get so used to have extra hair put into your own hair that you don’t know how your own hair feels.
Is my hair really so thin or did it get even thinner?
Anyway, I will give my hair some rest for some time but then I will wear it more up than down.
I will show you some nice ways to wear you hair up when you don’t have long or thick hair in my next blogpost (but for the ones who have, it can still be useful!).

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