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Meet Dr. Kim Detollenaere:

Aesthetic doctor, content creator, and owner of Doctor Contour Aesthetic Clinic & Guide

Belgian National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (NIHDI) number: 1-08933-03-000

This is the ‘About’ section of the blog part of Doctor Contour. The description of Dr. Detollenaere here will slightly differ from the description you’ll find on the website of Doctor Contour Clinic. On the website of Doctor Contour Clinic, you’ll find even more detailed information about what Dr. Detollenaere is like as an aesthetic physician, about her medical expertise, and how she will treat you in her clinic. If you’re a patient interested in a treatment at her clinic, then I advise you to definitely read this description, as the description below focuses more on the content creator and blogging aspect of her personality, and less on her approach and vision as an aesthetic physician.

Dr. Kim Detollenaere - Aesthetic doctor and owner of Doctor Contour Aesthetic Clinic & Guide.

Table of Contents

Early Years and Medical Studies


Dr. Detollenaere has always been passionate about science and the human body, making the choice to study medicine a natural one. However, she quickly realized that medical studies offered little room for her to express her creativity. As a result, Dr. Detollenaere started her own blog and social media channels early in her studies, building on a passion that had been present since childhood when she constantly created websites for various niches. Content creation was in her blood long before social media played a role.

Additionally, this rebellious non-conformist participated in various media appearances.

For her blog and social media, she created content about fashion and beauty, but as her medical studies progressed, she also produced a series of content and videos to depict the life of a medical student, in collaboration with her university. Furthermore, she created videos and blog posts with tips to help future medical students and doctors succeed in their studies.

Despite all these activities, Dr. Detollenaere graduated with high distinction as a physician from the University of Brussels.

Experience and Education in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery


From a young age, Dr. Detollenaere has always had an immense passion for beauty. This passion, combined with her creative spirit, naturally led to its integration into her medical career. Therefore, in the last years of her medical training, she spent significant time in the department of plastic surgery, where she attended various internships and conferences, both domestically and internationally (for example, in Dubai and Mexico).

Dr. Detollenaere esthetisch arts antwerpen

Ultimately, Dr. Detollenaere chose to focus primarily on non-invasive aesthetic procedures, such as injectables (muscle relaxants BTX, fillers, skin boosters, biostimulators), thread lifts, PRP, and more. She has attended numerous courses and conferences, both domestically and internationally (such as in France, the Netherlands, and the UK), and was trained by various leading dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and aesthetic physicians. Dr. Detollenaere is mainly specialized in addressing facial aging, hair loss, facial contouring, and lip fillers.

Dr. Detollenaere esthetisch arts

You can find the overview of all attended courses and conferences here.

The transformation of her old blog into 'Doctor Contour Aesthetic Guide'

As the focus had significantly shifted towards an interest in aesthetic medicine and surgery, Dr. Detollenaere decided to transform her old blog, which had existed for years, into a new platform with a different focus: Doctor Contour Aesthetic Guide. Thus, Doctor Contour serves not only as a medical aesthetic clinic (Doctor Contour Clinic) but also as an online platform (Doctor Contour Aesthetic Guide) that provides information and advice on various cosmetic procedures, as well as other medically aesthetic-related content such as skincare, anti-aging, and more.

In this way, Dr. Detollenaere combines her passion for content creation with her other passion: helping people feel beautiful with her treatments and advice.

Why an 'Aesthetic Guide'?

For many people, the world of medical aesthetic procedures remains uncharted territory, often leading to misinformation. Consider, for example, sensational reports in traditional media about celebrities with exaggerated and unnatural-looking results from plastic surgery. The same newspaper articles often draw incorrect conclusions in their headlines. There is indeed still too little reliable and correct information available online, and it is crucial that people receive this information from a qualified physician instead of someone without specific training in this field.

In general, there are few advice platforms active, especially in the Benelux, where Dr. Detollenaere hails from as a physician. She hopes this platform will provide more insight into cosmetic procedures and how they can be correctly applied, what patients sometimes need to watch out for before choosing a procedure, tips for combating aging, skincare, self-image, and more.

doctor-contour-esthetische gids

Additionally, as a physician active in the aesthetic sector, Dr. Detollenaere often explores beauty ideals. Through her content, she sometimes questions these ideals, as she does not believe in ideals primarily influenced by fleeting trends. It is essential not to undergo procedures just because they are currently considered beautiful. You should opt for interventions that will be timelessly beautiful and specifically suit your face or body. With her content, she aims to make people aware of this, so they always achieve the best result.

Dr. Detollenaere esthetische gids

Dr. Detollenaere also wants to guide people towards a better self-image, not only through cosmetic procedures but also by raising awareness of various toxic influences, including the significant impact of social media with extreme filters and editing.

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