2 NIGHTS IN BANGKOK (in the most female friendly hotel in town)

Bangkok… The capital of Thailand was definitely something that was on my list to visit. First we planned to visit Chiang Mai which is more located in the Northern part of Thailand. Unfortunately it was not so easy to get there from Hua Hin where we stayed most of the holiday and since it was only a 2-3 hours drive to Bangkok, we decided to give it a chance for the last 2 days.

I didn’t know exactly what to expect of this city, but I can already say I really liked the trip. I will talk more about the city of Bangkok itself and my impressions in the next blogpost that will be released the 8th of April.



Look at that view at night! I remember seeing some pictures of people visiting Bangkok on social media and I always liked these rooftops with skyscrapers in the background so ofcourse I also needed one like that. And ofcourse a hotel that had something like it. 😉

Where did I stay? I love travelling in luxury, so that is of course why I give my preference to 5 stars hotels. Anyway, it gets quite hard to make a decision when Bangkok offers over 50 five stars hotels.
I think I can say I really chose a hotel that stood out and that was Hotel Muse.
First of all, I was quite impressed by the special interior the hotel offers. It is not the typically modern fancy hotel but here we go back in time to the mid twenties and that not only reflects heavily in the interior but also in other details like the clothing of the staff.



The hotel doesn’t have a modern interior like most hotels but diversifies itself by a unique interior inspired by the mid twenties. You can even see this in the smallest details like at the painting at the picture below and the looks of the staff.

The second thing that stands out is the concept ‘Inspired by her’: they don’t only put the focus on travelling businessmen but also on the solo female traveller (like ME!), something you don’t see a lot of 5 stars hotels do.

What does this mean?
I got first of all welcomed with a whole basket of feminine products which contained make up remover, pads, bobby pins, moisturizer,… I don’t think I am the only one who sometimes forgets typically female products like make up remover and pads. It really comes in handy that the hotel provides these things and that you don’t have to run to the closest supermarket in a city you don’t know so well.
Oh, and I think a lot of women have experienced that hotel hair dryers SUCK like crazy? Like really, most of the time they don’t pay attention to the quality of the hair dryer (sometimes also in 5 stars hotels) because they don’t really see the need of it. But women with LONG hair seriously need a good hair dryer. Well, this hotel has thought about that, next to the basket of all these handy products, you also get a quality hair dryer of Philips next to it.



Special for women: a quality hair dryer and a lot of feminine cosmetic products. Never in need to go look for a supermarket when you are on holiday to buy things like make up remover!

Next to that, I got a few other surprises when I first walked into the room of this hotel. First I had a little closer look to the bed and what did I see there: a personalized pillow where they sewed in my name on the sheet. I thought that was really nice and it gave already a sort of warm welcome, a feeling that you are special to the hotel.


                 My personalized pillow

Oh, and I was actually quite hungry when I arrived but luckily someone knocked on the door and when I opened, it was one of the staff members that came with some food. Not just a little fruit and some cake, but really unique food with eye for esthetics AND for women. I thought it was an incredibly genius idea to serve a lipstick made out of candy, also the chocolate was handcrafted carved into a beautiful elephant and just the whole plate was a joy to look at. They try to add a sort of feminine touch, even to the food. We also got welcomed with a bottle of red wine that was certainly of a very good quality!


I don’t know if you can see it good enough on the picture, but have a look at the small feminine details like the candy lipstick and the lips. I love it!

When I opened the bathroom for example I saw 2 bath robes and in the closet there were 2 other typical hotel bath robes that are one size. Well the first robes I talked about are robes that are designed for women and that have different sizing. Since I am defined as quite petite with my shorter height and slender body, which more women share, I always find it annoying that these typical bathrobes in hotels are ALWAYS one size. Most of the time, these sizes are more adapted to the sizes of an average man, which has as a result that I really swim in them and that doesn’t come over as the most elegant. In this hotel, they have thought about this, which is really cool.


Finally a bath robe that fits my petite body type! Here you can also see a little bit of the interior. Especially the bath room is very special. It has an unique touch.

What I also absolutely adore in this hotel is the rooftop bar. Like I said earlier, the reason why I initially wanted to try out Bangkok, was because I was always amazed by these beautiful rooftops with skyscrapers in the background pictures on social media. I thought it had to be great and very cozy to sit myself on such a rooftop in the middle of Bangkok and I was also pleasantly met by a very cozy rooftopbar. The rooftop bar of Muse hotel is not the highest compared to the other buildings but it is really cozy to sit and they serve a variety of drinks and cocktails.
The hotel even designed a menu specifically made to meet the demands and taste of women, they call it the ‘Inspired by her’ menu.
The menu consists of a cocktail line and a 4 courses menu where they put more detail on a feminine touch.



They showed and learned me how they made the cocktails at the rooftop bar! Don’t you think they look delicious and beautiful? I call that an eye for detail.



And last but not least: if you say rooftop bar, I also immediately think a swimming pool terrace shouldn’t be missed in the middle of uptown Bangkok. I absolutely adored to swim in the middle of the city with all these high buildings surrounding me.


One of the things on my list if I ever plan to live in a big city like this: I need to have a swimming pool terrace. :p

COMING UP NEXT SUNDAY: What to see in Bangkok?

If you want to see more about the hotel Muse, have a look at their Facebook page and Instagram.



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