The polkadot pattern is insanely TRENDING this season and I totally love it!
Marc Jacobs said once: “There is never a wrong time for a polka dot” and I agree.
However, I think it is quite some years ago since this trend was really HOT. I remember I was quite obsessed with this trend when I was 12 (yes, I was already a fashion freak at that time :p) and I directly bought one polkadot dress, one pair of polkadot ballet flats and one polkadot blouse.
Unfortunately I don’t fit into the clothes of so long ago -but I wouldn’t wear the polkadot ballet flats again for sure-  but I think in general you should never throw away clothing just because it is not anymore in fashion.
Trends always come and go, so it is better to just leave your clothes all the way at the back of your closet until the trend is hot again (even if it takes another 10 years!).

In this blogpost I will show you 4 ways on how to wear the polkadot pattern in your outfits. I will show you how to wear the polkadot dress, how to wear the polkadot crop top and how to wear the polkadot thights.
Also, you shouldn’t forget polkadot swimwear is really the cutest, maybe an idea for your next summer holiday?


Click on the small pictures to make them bigger so that you can see more details!  





A simple red polkadot dress.
Red might be a little more risky than a black and white one but it certainly adds a little touch of rock ‘n roll. Also, red is one of the IT colours of the season!
What I also notice a lot more is the use of summer hats.
Is it because people tend to get more and more aware of the harmful effects of the sun on your skin in terms of skin cancer and the development of wrinkles? Atleast, I think it is a good thing to have!

Finishing of the outfit with some golden statement earrings and a basket bag and you’re ready to go.


Shop this look:








Like I said, the polkadot print in the colours black and white is a little more classic and ‘safe’ option and is definitely a better option for people that don’t like too loud prints. I personally love this crop top in black & white polkadot. The off the shoulder detail and the slightly showing belly gives definitely that little extra!
What I also like is the fact that the black shorts are not just plain shorts, it is more of a mix between a skirt and some shorts, which is called a skort. :p
Oh, and yesterday I bought these nude coloured sandal heels of Sam Edelman which is a total MUST to have in summer. I love nude colour for summer shoes since it elongates your legs (which I need a little with my shorter height) and it suits almost every outfit!




I combined the outfit with a basket bag which is very much trending for the moment. I have to admit when my boyfriend saw the bag his first reaction was: ‘This is really one of the most ugly bags I have ever seen…’ , but you know what does a guy know about fashion, right?
Oh, and don’t forget to wear some big statement earrings with it, because this season an outfit is just nothing without some big earrings hanging on your ears!


A basket bag and some big statement earrings is definitely something you should put on your to buy list this season.


And why not wear it with a summer hat when you want to protect your skin against the sun (or just because it looks stylish, yes… :p)?



This outfit can also look cute when worn with a summer hat on your hat, isn’t it? 


When it is a little colder, I think you can combine almost every outfit with a trenchcoat.
If you don’t know what spring jacket to buy, then you should definitely go for the trenchcoat. This type of jacket has been seen the most on the catwalks in Paris and is a classic that can be used every year.
I also think it gives a direct classy touch to almost every outfit.
You will never look trashy while wearing one, trust me. Also ideal for the chilly, rainy days or when you just want to run quickly to the supermarket while you’re wearing your pyjama’s (Not that I do that but you never know!).


The trenchcoat is the jacket you have to buy for this season. It is an ultimate classic, very classy and you can throw it over almost every outfit!


Earrings: Miss Selfridge
Trenchcoat: Esprit
Crop top: Topshop
Skort: Missguided
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Basket bag: Sweet Deluxe




I remember at the time when almost every girl was watching Gossip Girl, a lot of girls were totally into the preppy kind of fashion style.
That also included sometimes wearing skirts with polkadot thights.
However, I didn’t really combine this outfit in a totally preppy way (that shiny black skirt might be a little too edgy and the transparant detail of the shoes also doesn’t really fit into that theme), but I think it worked out fine!
It is definitely something else to try out on chilly days when you don’t want to wear you normal boring thights again and want to give a little extra to your outfit.


Here I combined it with a black skirt (with some shiny detail) and a black sweater AND with pointy toe pumps with a very subtle transparant detail.
If you want to buy new pumps, you should go for the typical 80’s look with the pointy toe.
What is also a major shoe trend is the transparant plastic shoe but a totally transparant shoe I find a little too special so I just chose for a small transparant detail. You can see it at the sides of the pumps if you look clearly.

Red is also one of the IT colours of the season so I thought it would make the black and beige outfit a little more interesting with a small red shoulder bag.
Then pairing everything with a trench (since you can wear everything with a trench!) and ready to go!


Trenchcoat: Esprit
Shoulderbag: Naf Naf
Black turtleneck sweater: Zara
Black skirt: Zara
Thights: Veritas

80’s pointy toe pumps: Steve Madden






Okay, this is not really an outfit but it is still an item that shouldn’t be missed.
Don’t you find it insanely cute to wear this nice polkadot pattern in your bikini or one piece swimsuit on the beach? I wore this cute little bikini at the beach on my holiday to Thailand.
It has an asymmetric shoulder which is also something to be on the look out for this season because asymmetric shoulder details are totally HOT.


Ofcourse, there are soooo many other ways to wear the polkadot trends but these were my combinations with the clothing I had.
I hope I could give you some inspiration for your next shopping trip and please let me know what you thought of it!
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Lots of love,

Kim <3



COMING UP NEXT: ruffles, checked pattern, plaid blazer, tweed skirt, the white suit, colour blocking with pink and red, pastels, (vintage) florals, lace, striped pattern and so much more!






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