Pink maxi skirt beach outfit

My looks and experience in Rhodes, Greece


Since I got a little bored of being at home in July, me and my boyfriend decided to book a holiday last last last minute.

I saw a lot of pictures passing by on social media of people that went to Rhodes and to me it looked wonderful with very beautiful resorts! I thought I also wanted and needed a holiday like that, so I booked…

I stayed at the brand new resort of Gennadi Grand Resort, a 5 stars eco-friendly resort that would offer me everything I need for a good holiday: good food, rest, friendly staff, nice pools and a private beach and ofcourse, an all inclusive formula.



Golden sequin romper dress

Golden sequin romper dress
We got a suite with private pool of Gennadi Grand resort. Doesn’t it look amazing?? It is nice to have a private pool to relax for yourself. Oh, and I think this is one of my favourite summer dresses of the season! No, you can also wear glitters when it is not New Year’s Eve 😉




red ruffle bikini in pool with inflated bird
I really needed to have a pink flamingo even though it is already trending for a very very very long time now, haha! Anyway, the pink flamingo was sold out that is why I bought myself a white swan. I have to admit, I tried to copy a lot of these pictures you see on social media with inflated birds but I didn’t succeed because when I tried to position myself perfectly for the picture, I just fell into the water. I decided to sit a little more relaxed after that… :p (nevermind my dark feet, it is because I stepped into selftanner… No kidding!)




I have to be honest, we didn’t do much during our 4-5 days stay there because we just liked to stay at the resort and relax with a cocktail in the hand, haha!
Anyway, after some time spent in the resort, we thought we also should have seen something of the island before going home. What is the point of going all the way to Greece anyway? :p



White polka dot 2 pieces set

We visited an acropolis in the city of Lindos. Here you can see a few pictures of that with me in front.




I already have visited Greece 3 times so it is not like it was totally new for me but apparently the city of Lindos in our greek island Rhodes was worth a visit. The city of Lindos looks a little like the famous Santorini (you know that place with all the white and blue houses) but then without the blue. It is a very beautiful and authentic city and there is also an acropolis (click on the link if you don’t know what the definition is of an acropolis) to visit.
It was very very hot in Greece -just like in the rest of Europe now- and to visit the acropolis was a though climb to do in the heat.  However, I survived and it was a very beautiful place to visit…. Atleast what is remaining of it. :p



white polka dot outfit

white polkadot outfit

white polka dot outfit romper





Here are some other pictures and looks to look at:

gingham bikini pool

gingham bikini




ivy revel swimsuit

This is one of my fav swimsuit looks! The swimsuit and earrings are from Ivy Revel, it is the clothing line of Scandinavia’s most popular blogger Kenza Zouiten. Unfortunately, I couldn’t link to the items of Ivy Revel with my linking system but I tried to find similar items.




As you might notice, I am lately more into cute kind of swimsuits rather than the sexy kind of swimsuits.  Maybe it also has to do with my body type, I don’t know. :p Anyway, I love one piece swimsuits because then you can just eat without having to be afraid that your belly gets bigger, no just kidding haha. I think they just look cute and especially when they have some nice cutout details, see below.





That is what I meant exactly. One piece swimsuits tend to get associated with a little more prude or covered look than bikini’s but boooy, are they wrong. I prefer sexy and cute little one piece swimsuits that still show a little skin by having a nice cut out. It gives the perfect balance between cute and sexy, without looking too much.




  • Just an FYI: none of my swimsuit pictures are edited since I am pro of giving a realistic view of the female body to young women. Lately it seems like bikini pictures on social media gets edited like crazy and it all gets easier with the editing apps that are so easily accessible. Photoshopped swimsuit pictures is not anymore privileged for the magazines… Anyway, I for example want to show that 99% of the women will have a small belly (also when they are skinny!) and that that is perfectly normal. We shouldn’t get blinded by all the edited images we see in daily life.





A more ‘casual’ evening look. Again you see I am obsessed with the gingham print this season! Combining the gingham skirt with a ruffled top with asymmetrical shoulder detail (that is also very trending!) and a cute bun with a headband.





Pink maxi skirt beach pool outfit

Pink maxi skirt beach pool outfit

pink maxi skirt evening outfit



Next holiday is planned for September, can you guess where I will be heading to next time? 😉


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