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Dear readers,

I recently discovered this amazing new concept called Goodiebox. Who doesn’t love to receive birthday gifts? Well, I also totally love it and Goodiebox is such a great concept for all the beauty lovers that are reading my blog and following me on Instagram.
You receive one box every month filled with make up products, skincare products and hair products from BIG brands for only 19,95 euros while the products itself cost all together at least 65 euros!




Goodiebox picture
All the products in the ‘Sunny Side Up’ Goodiebox.




Why I think this is an amazing concept:

  • I love the fact that I receive a box with surprises every month (admit it: it’s extremely exciting to get surprises :p)
  • I get a great deal since I pay at least 45 euros less than I would normally pay for beauty products.
  • I always stay up to date with the best beauty products for the season.







I already received my Goodiebox for this month which is called ‘Sunny Side Up’. This Goodiebox contains all essential skincare products to prep yourself for summer!






What are these essential skincare products for summer?





  1.  Aftersun Sheet Mask – Masque Me Up (normal price: 6,5 euros)


beauty blogger skin mask
I look so funny in this aftersun skin mask. :p



After a full day in the sun, you should really treat your skin with this skin mask to give your skin some extra hydration and to reduce any redness.

I tried this skin mask as you can see on the picture (it looks very funny, doesn’t it? :p) and it really is very refreshing after being a whole day outside!
It’s also very easy to apply (you don’t need to mix anything and you just put it on) and to remove it’s simply just to take it off.





2. Make Up Remover Wipes – Seacret (normal price: 27 euros)



beauty blogger make up remover

make up remover beauty blogger
A make up remover is essential for me since I wear make up everyday due to having an unclear skin. This make up remover from the Dead Sea is a lot better for the skin than your average make up remover!



The Dead Sea is seen worldwide as the best natural source of minerals. These make up remover wipes cost around 27 euros in the stores (the Goodiebox is only 19,95 euros so this is a big win!) and there is a reason why: it contains the minerals of the Dead Sea, Vitamin E, Aloë Vera and cucumber.

This is definitely my favorite product in the Goodiebox! Simply because I wear make up everyday (I have such bad skin!) and make up remover is a must for me.
Knowing that you clean your face with minerals of the Dead Sea gives a luxury and nourishing feeling.






3. Ice Source Moisturizing Gel – Polaar (normal price: 35,95 euros)




Are you also a person that needs some cooling when there is a heat wave? You can cool your skin with this gel and you will feel instantly refreshed! It is also very good to hydrate your skin when it is hot.






4. The Ritual of Karma Foot Balm – Rituals (normal price: 10,90 euros)



Foot balm blogger
After washing my feet in the shower, I massaged them a little with this foot balm. Very needed after a day at the beach!






Our feet have it a little harder in summer. We tend to walk barefoot at the beach for example and then our feet can use a little extra treatment. Wash and dry off your feet and after that you (or your boyfriend, haha) can massage your feet with this foot balm of Rituals.






5. Kueshi – Aloë Vera Gel (normal price: 15,99 euros)




A lot of people go on holiday in the summer and some people are because of that living a more adventurous life than normal. What can happen when you go on holiday? You are (sometimes) more active so there is a lot more risk to have injuries or wounds. Also, when you go on holiday to more exotic places, there is a higher chance to get bites of different kinds of insects.

That is where you could use this gel with Aloë Vera! It also helps with light burning of the skin and it restores the fluid balance.






6. Fulgent World – Cuticle Pusher




Actually this is NOT only a cuticle pusher since the other side is  used to clean your nails. How handy is this?




I am very happy with this Goodiebox because in that way I have all the essential skin products at once for this season!
I would recommend this Goodiebox for all beauty lovers out there that love to stay up to date with the beauty trends AND who likes to make a good deal every month AND loooove surprises!


All these products are worth 81 euros and you only have to pay 19,95 euros to get ALL of these products send to your house! Order your Goodiebox here!





DISCLAIMER: I was compensated to write about Goodiebox, however I am always honest when I review and only promote products I genuinely like, use and believe in.



Hi there! I am Dr. Kim Detollenaere, aesthetic doctor and owner of 'Doctor Contour' aesthetic guide and clinic. I have been a content creator for several years, next to my busy medical life. Get to know more about me on Instagram, Youtube or check out the 'About me' page on this blog for more info!

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