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Hi there!

If you follow me on social media (especially Instagram), you probably have noticed that I was a week in Denmark.
I have already been a few times in Denmark so a lot of beautiful places I haven’t been visiting this time – since I have already seen them.
However, I still have been visiting some beautiful parts of Copenhagen and other nice parts of the countryside and beach in Denmark. I am currently busy on the editing of a nice vlog of my trip so you will soon be able to lay back and watch my video. 😉

Still, in the vlog I am not planning to focus so much on my outfits and more on my daily life and what we have been doing. That is why I dedicate this blog post to pictures of the looks I have been wearing in Denmark in some of the best locations!

Almost all of the looks are from Shein (except for the gingham swimsuit). Don’t forget to use my discount code ‘Q3kim15’ to get 15% off your total order!





1. Rundetaarn


Even though I have been a few times to Copenhagen, I never visited the Rundetaarn or Round Tower. In my vlog that will be up soon, you will be able to see how it all looks like: it is a very high tower and you have to walk up in circles all the way to the top. 😉 I got a little nauseous because of it, haha!

When you are at the top, you have a very nice view over the city of Copenhagen. Also, I really like the interior inside the tower.

I didn’t make a picture when I was at the top since it didn’t look so good with the railing everywhere (suicide prevention) but just stay tuned for my vlog by subscribing to my blog or to my Youtube channel!



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Copenhagen blogger fashion
Inside the Round Tower or Rundetaarn. The interior inside is quite beautiful with the white walls and pastel colored windows. That’s why I needed to take a picture in my pastel colored outfit!

pastel outfit fashion blogger

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2.  Harbor


When I am in Copenhagen, I love to walk next to the water when it is sunny weather! It is also a very central place close to the Little Mermaid statue, Amalienborg and Nyhavn.

There are also plenty of cosy restaurants to eat at and that little building in the background of the first picture is the Opera. I haven’t visited that place yet, so I can’t give a review unfortunately. 😉



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copenhagen blogger outfit
Sitting at the water while enjoying some sunny and warm weather.

summer-outfit-shein-bloggersummer outfit shein blogger

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3. Amalienborg


This is really one of my favorite places to make pictures!
Amalienborg is the Queen’s old castle and there are some pretty impressive buildings out there. There is also a lovely park in front of it.

Did I just mention the fact that I love to take pictures there? :p Well, the guards there are very annoying and they always stop me from taking pictures.
However, I always manage to make a few, hihi.



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amalienborg blogger fashion outfit

amalienborg blogger fashion outfit

Amalienborg blogger
We were not allowed to make pictures at this exact place, but shhhhhh…

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4. Camp Adventure Tower


If you have followed me a little longer, you probably know I am not really that adventurous sporty type kind of girl. You won’t find me climbing the trees for example, haha. :p
However, there is a very nice adventure park 45 minutes away from Copenhagen. There is a lot of beautiful nature and we have climbed up a veeery high tower and that was quite fun to do!
It gave such a beautiful view over the surroundings and over Denmark, even though I had a little problems with my fear of heights.


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camp adventure denmark
At the top of the tower in Camp Adventure.

pink shorts outfit

Camp Adventure tower Denmark
I seriously had problems with my fear of heights, haha. When looking down all the way from the top, it really seems never ending. :p

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5. Nyhavn


Nyhavn is the old harbor of Copenhagen. I always think it is very cosy to walk there since there are a lot of nice cafés and restaurants (even though they are suuuuper expensive!) and I really love the typical look of the houses.



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Nyhavn Denmark fashion blogger
In front of the famous Nyhavn with the most beautiful and typical houses. I wasn’t sure which bag to wear with this outfit, what do you think of this straw bag?

Nyhavn Denmark fashion blogger

White jumpsuit summer outfit

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6. The beach



Denmark isn’t a country in Southern Europe so it is of course not famous for its exotic beaches, however I think the beach looks quite beautiful. Everywhere there is white sand and there is a cosy atmosphere in the surroundings.

I really like the beach of Karrebaeksminde (can you pronounce that name? :p) , but we also went to another beach (the pictures in the blue gingham one piece swimsuit).





polkadot bikini blogger beach

polkadot bikini blogger beach
Look at this beautiful pinkish sunset at the beach of Karrebaeksminde… Unfortunately, I can’t link this swimsuit since it is an old one that I had laying in my closet and I don’t find it anywhere!






Kopie van Kopie van Kopie van Tekst van tijdelijke aanduiding


Gingham swimsuit beach
This beach is not as nice as the previous one but we also spent some time here since it was a little closer. 😉
Gingham swimsuit travel blogger
This one piece gingham swimsuit is now available at!
Gingham swimsuit bambi pose
Me trying out the bambi pose, hahahaha.


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