A weekend in Spa (the Ardennes in Belgium)

Dear readers,

Unfortunately I got tested positive on Covid-19 some time ago which is why I got quarantined for some time.
I had fever, shortness of breath when I wanted to do a little exercise and a lot of head ache.
It wasn’t too scary because I have felt more sick before but I surely needed a week of rest and quarantine.
Who also thinks these quarantines and lockdowns are incredibly mentally draining?
I always get in such a depressed state whenever I don’t go out of the house for a long time.
Let’s hope this pandemic won’t be there for a too long time, I am so afraid for humanity!
So many people have to close down their business and the depression and suicide rates are rising.
Not only do we lose people because of Covid, but also because of the side effects of this pandemic.
I think it is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Anyway, I recently tested negative on Covid-19 and I had planned a weekend to Spa in the Ardennes of Belgium.
I have such good memories about that place! I went there several times when I was a child.
Once in primary school and I had so much fun! After that I went a lot of times with my family.
In general, we tend to go to the Ardennes quite some times with my family.

When I was Googling for nice hotels in Spa, I came across this beautiful castle and it looked like a dream!
The name of the hotel is ‘Manoire des Lébioles‘ and when I saw the picture of the hotel, I knew I wanted to stay there.
Also, the spa looked so good there and don’t you think it is essential to have a hotel with a beautiful spa in the city of Spa? 😉
I love to relax a little because this pandemic is already mentally draining enough!

The nature in Spa is also like a fairytale, especially in autumn when the trees are all orange, yellow or red. We are advised to stay inside in this pandemic, but I think it is important to go out everyday for a walk too!
We spend way too much time behind our screens and it is not healthy at all…
It’s important to go out and reconnect with nature. It’s good for you!

Oh, and I know I have made quite some wedding pics but I am not planning any wedding anytime soon. 😉
The wedding dress I am wearing is from …. and the bridal lingerie from Intimissimi.
I just thought it was nice to wear for once, hihi.

I know I have never talked a lot about my love life but that is just a part of myself that I prefer to keep private.

Maybe that will change one day, who knows… 😉

[wpvideo tC93iwCp ]

Also, I can’t wait to start writing on the part 2 of my medical school journey.
That post is going to be very very personal because there was one period in my medical school journey that I have never shared with anyone.
However, I finally feel like I can tell the whole world about my dark, lonely and confusing period.
I want to inspire people who are going through the same now, so that they know that they aren’t alone. I felt very alone at that time unfortunately and it would have been nice to follow someone who went through the same…

Lately, I have been feeling like I am just posting pretty pictures on my social media and I want to inspire people in so many different ways other than just posting pretty pics.
I would like to inspire you in so many ways and actually bring more and more value.
I don’t want to be too superficial anymore, but I really hope to bring a more positive impact to the world with my platform of 100 000 followers.
However, we will see what will happen with my social media overtime. Soon, I am also going to be a doctor so I am quite sure my platform will slowly change after all.
Just keep following me and you will see the change coming. 😉

Thanks for reading through the end. I am so grateful for people like you <3

I hope you will find the courage to keep going in this pandemic and to not lose hope.
We are all in this together, stay strong.




Hi there! I am Dr. Kim Detollenaere, aesthetic doctor and owner of 'Doctor Contour' aesthetic guide and clinic. I have been a content creator for several years, next to my busy medical life. Get to know more about me on Instagram, Youtube or check out the 'About me' page on this blog for more info!

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