Classic Lips vs. Russian Lips: Expert Advice on Choosing Your Lip Filler Technique

As an aesthetic doctor with advanced training in lip enhancement procedures, I am excited to share my knowledge with those considering lip fillers. One of the most frequent questions I encounter is: “Should I go for Classic Lips or Russian Lips?” Both techniques are phenomenal in their own right, but they produce different results and may suit different individuals. In this post, I will break down the distinctions between these two popular lip filler techniques to help guide your decision.

Classic Lips


Classic Lips are designed to sculpt a heart-shaped lip that is irresistibly plump. This technique highlights a full cupid’s bow that gently tapers towards the edges, sustaining a voluptuous shape in both the upper and lower lip. From the side, Classic Lips provide a pleasing projection, making the lips appear juicy and hydrated.

The Look:

  • Full-bodied and plump
  • Enhanced but soft cupid’s bow
  • Significant projection from the side

Best Suited For:

Those with a strong side profile, featuring notable projection from the nose and chin. Classic Lips help harmonize these features by adding proportional projection to the lips.

Russian Lips


Russian Lips involve a collection of techniques with a focus on enhancing the vertical height of the lip, while also emphasizing the cupid’s bow. This approach lifts the pink of the upper lip, visually shortening the philtrum, while the bottom lip drops lower, creating a deeper ‘V’ shaped curve towards the chin. This technique provides a distinct definition to the cupid’s bow, making it more pronounced than traditional methods. Seen from the side, Russian Lips tend to present a flatter appearance, evoking a ‘Bratz doll’ effect.

The Russian lip filler technique draws some inspiration from the iconic Bratz doll look, aiming for a more lifted and defined lip shape.

The Look:

  • Elevated height of the upper lip
  • A more defined, deeper ‘V’ curve on the lower lip
  • Prominent and accentuated cupid’s bow
  • Flatter appearance from the side, minimizing forward projection

Best Suited For:

Individuals with petite features or a longer philtrum. This technique is ideal where excessive lip projection might clash with the face’s natural balance. It is often most effective on virgin or minimally filled lips.

What to Expect

While many patients find the classical method to be comfortable, the Russian technique is generally reported to be more painful. Additionally, the Russian technique may result in more significant bruising and swelling. Nonetheless, both techniques are generally expected to fully settle within two weeks and have a comparable longevity.

Expert Advice

As someone who has recently embarked on a journey as an aesthetic doctor, with advanced training focusing on lips, I encourage prospective patients to consider their facial features, desired look, and consult with a qualified practitioner—who can guide them based on their unique anatomy and aesthetic goals. A qualified practitioner like me, perhaps! ?

Disclaimer: This blog post is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered as professional medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before making any decisions regarding medical treatments.


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