How Male Faces Can Be Masculinized with Dermal Fillers

Men seeking more masculine features now have a variety of non-surgical options available, making it easier than ever to achieve desired results without undergoing invasive procedures. There’s a common misconception that Botox and fillers are exclusively for women, leading many men to fear that these treatments will make them look feminine. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, these non-surgical procedures can be used to enhance and emphasize masculine features, creating a more defined and traditionally masculine appearance.

At Doctor Contour Clinic in Antwerp, Belgium, Dr. Kim Detollenaere specializes in these advanced techniques to help you achieve your desired look.

What Defines a Masculine Face?

Research shows that male and female skulls have distinct differences. Male skulls are generally larger and less round, with more prominent midface features and a squarer jawline. While women tend to have softer cheekbones and a pointier chin, men often display a stronger jawline, angular nose, and heavier brow.
These characteristics contribute to a more traditionally masculine appearance.


Key Features of a Masculine Face

Before exploring non-surgical treatments for facial masculinization, it’s important to understand the primary features that define a masculine appearance.

The Brow

The male brow typically appears flatter and doesn’t arch laterally like a female brow. This flatness creates a heavier upper eyelid, which is often seen as a very attractive feature in men.

The Midface

Men and women emphasize their midface differently. Women often seek fullness and roundness, while men aim for angular definition. This bony definition contributes to the masculine look, giving the midface a sharper, more structured appearance.

The Nose and Lips

A masculine nose often has a strong profile, characterized by a pronounced dorsum and a projecting nasal tip. While the lower lip is relatively similar in both genders, the male upper lip tends to be longer and flatter, contributing to a distinctly masculine appearance.

The Jawline

A strong, angular jawline and a prominent chin are hallmark features of a masculine face.

Non-Surgical Facial Masculinization

Every face is unique, so there is no universal approach to facial masculinization. The goal is to create a balanced appearance that aligns with the patient’s desired aesthetic. Here are some effective non-surgical treatment options:

Midface and Cheeks

Adding volume with fillers is key to enhancing midface definition. Unlike female cheeks, which are filled for roundness and width, male cheeks are filled to enhance angulation and structure. Thicker fillers with robust lifting power are often used to achieve the desired definition.

Liquid Rhinoplasty

A liquid rhinoplasty can create a more masculine nose by addressing small humps, enhancing profile strength, and defining the nasal tip. This procedure offers instant results with minimal downtime.


When enhancing male lips, subtlety is key. Adding too much volume can look unnatural or feminine. Instead, a subtle augmentation that enhances existing features can create a natural, masculine appearance.


Creating a masculine jawline involves a comprehensive approach. Strategically placed fillers can create a well-defined jawline and a projecting chin. This approach provides instant results and significantly enhances the masculine appearance.


Non-surgical facial masculinization procedures can be tailored to meet individual needs and preferences. Treatments can be performed in stages or all at once, depending on the patient’s comfort and budget. Combining multiple procedures often yields the best results, providing a more definitive and long-lasting masculine appearance.

If you’re interested in exploring non-surgical facial masculinization options, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kim Detollenaere at Doctor Contour Clinic in Antwerp, Belgium. Dr. Detollenaere specializes in helping patients achieve a more balanced and masculine appearance through advanced, non-surgical techniques.


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