Miss Supranational: Fun in the snow, live video chat and some more recording (DAY 3)

Day 3.

The environment that seemed so new for me started to become more normal. I already knew some more people and everything just felt more comfortable. There was again video recording on the program for the videos that would be used in the live show that aired the 1st of December.
Video recording included showing the contestants arriving at the hotel, checking in, fun at the spa, fun outside in the snow, doing exercises,… (All video recording to show what the contestants had done the entire two weeks but actually it was all moment shots just for the show :p)
It had been snowing in Slovakia and we had some fun in the snow with all the contestants. It was really fun even though it was quite cold. I will try to put in a link of all the video recording but I am not showing a lot in the videos since I was a little too shy the first few days to show my head a lot. 😉

In the evening there was a first live show with a first group of contestants, including me. That was soooo exciting! First we had professional make up artists and hairdressers to do our hair and make up. I absolutely love to get pampered like this and I am always quite shocked to see the before and after since well done glam make up and hair really transforms your look! I wished I could do it like that myself…  The live show was a sort of live chat where some contestants got a few questions of fans and had to answer to it. For me the fact that it was live and that the Facebook page of Miss Supranational has one million followers scared me a little at first. The result was that I wasn’t totally comfortable and think I didn’t perform the best, luckily for me the live chat of my group got deleted after and we got another chance to do another live chat the week after. I will put in the link of that live chat in one of the next blogposts!

Some examples of the results of video recording:

Fun in the snow video

A day of filming video

Checking in video

Hair & make up video


This was the first group who got live chat including me! From left to right: Miss Albania, me, the inviewer (former Miss Brasil 2008), Miss Singapore, Miss Wales, Miss Namibia, Miss Suriname and Miss USA.


A few pictures of us having fun in the snow! As you can see I was dressed differently than the others but I also had another schedule as them so another planned outfit. :p Just was there for the picture! 😉


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