Miss Supranational: Visiting old Slovakian city Poprad and videorecording at Spa (DAY 2)

After the long travelling day where I could finally go to bed at 3 o’clock at night, we already had to be ready early morning for the video recording for the small videos in between the show. Luckily they were sweet enough to cancel one part of video recording that was very very early morning (like 6 o’clock) but I still didn’t get a lot of sleep. :p

There I got to realize the life of a girl in a big pageant is not all glitter and glamour but also hard work and little sleep.

In the morning we got to see the lovely and authentic city of Poprad that is ofcourse located in Slovakia. I had never seen Slovakia but it has its charmes. Anyway, it was a short visit and then we got back to the hotel again. There I rested a little until the meeting with all the contestants.

[wpvideo 2rZrPVW2 ]

I saved my stories of Instagram during my whole adventure. Here is one of them. I don’t have a lot of video or photo material of this day but you can see the small, cosy city we visited and the sponsored swimsuit I was wearing for the video recordings in the spa.


After some resting time it was time for the spa to do some more video recordings. I was dressed quite casual and wore natural make up for the spa since that is what you normally do until everyone came in with atleast 14 cm heels, full glam make up and cocktail dresses. Oops, didn’t really blend in. I really had to get used to this!

Even when we got to the spa and wore our typical spa robes over our swimsuits, a lot of people wore their heels. I really felt super short that day since I was already one of the more shorter contestants and even more when I didn’t wear these fine high heels. Well yeah, lesson learned I think.

Next to the video recording , there were also photographers of the biggest international pageant site Missosology. It was the first time that I had to pose in front of a camera without proper instructions on how to pose so that was a little hard for me. :p Especially when you saw the really trained girls like the misses from pageant countries like Venezuela making flawless model poses like they already did this for 10 years.

So yeah, first days with a lot of first impressions. In general I felt a small girl in comparison to the really trained pageant girls but would I learn quickly in a small time frame so that it wouldn’t be so noticeable?



Miss Slovak Republic, Miss Czech Republic, me and Miss Namibia in the snow. Such beautiful girls!


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