Miss Supranational: final rehearsals on the real BIG stage (DAY 14, 15 + 16)

DAY 14:

Rehearsal from 9.30 to 22 o’clock

DAY 15:

We had been in Slovakia for the entire Miss Supranational adventure, now it was time to leave the country and go to Poland where the final show would take place. It was the moment we all had been waiting for and the ride was quite though.
Personally, I didn’t think it would be so hectic. I never have experienced such an international pageant and I thought 2,5-3 weeks would be enough to do all the things that has to be done in a pageant but for some reason it was really busy. I had an average amount of sleep of 6 hours and I was not used to that. Even not in exam period. 😉 But you know, apparently that is just how it is with pageants. Most girls also got up atleast 2 hours before breakfast. Yes, 2 hours… Some even 3 hours! It might seem a little crazy for some people but that is just how it is.. It stays a beauty contest and then also one of the biggest in the world so looking your best takes some time. That might also be the reason why we were lacking sleep. 😉 (but for your information: it is not a routine that is done in normal life, haha, wouldn’t be able to keep up with that!)

In the morning I did a quick photoshoot with the photographer of Miss Supranational Milton Mieloch. I really love the results… I think I want to get more photoshoots done, so keep following my blog to see more pictures of me, it won’t be the last one. 😉


Wooow, I really like the work of this talented photographer! Thanks to Milton. It looks so classy… Which picture do you like the most? 

After that we had to check out of the hotel. The hotel we stayed in was really lovely and luxury right in the middle of a ski resort in the middle of the mountains filled with snow. It was a good hotel, the only thing that was a little special was that we had to pay for our towels. You know, if we made a spot on a towel or even our sheets, then we immediately had to pay the full amount of that towel or these sheets. So ofcourse almost everyone had spots because of make up or self tanner and in the end we all got a very big bill. Some even had a bill of 180 euros! 😮
I really find it a little crazy a hotel fines you for making spots on towels. Isn’t that what towels are used for, to get dirty? Or like, okay, also me I had some spots of make up on a towel so I had to pay for a few but then when I got home and washed that towel myself, it was all clean again.
So I don’t know if that is anywhere near normal for a hotel to do, but I thought that was really not the best service… I mean the first week all the girls together already had a bill of 2000 euros on sheets and towels. :p Weird…

So after checking out of the hotel and saying goodbye to the beautiful Slovakia, we got into the bus to drive to Poland for rehearsing on the big stage and the show itself. I think it was around 17 o’clock when we arrived after a 3-4 hour busdrive.
We didn’t eat, we didn’t change, we didn’t put our luggage in the hotel, no, we went straight to the place with the big stage and rehearsed there immediately. There was no time to lose. So we rehearsed until 22 o’clock and then after that we finally had dinner. Although, it was very tiring, I still really loved to do rehearsals. When we rehearsed the walking part in evening gown for top 25 and top 10, I really enjoyed it.
It was a very big stage we rehearsed on and later did the show on, it was the biggest stage I have ever seen. No wonders Miss Supranational is so loved because of their production. It is so well made and big!
I really love to be on a stage, but unfortunately it is not something I can do for daily life as a medicine student. :p
Oh and unfortunately I didn’t make it to top 25 and top 10 so I couldn’t do it eventually, so uhm that was a little bit of a bummer… But yeah, it is just how it is. I had a great time! (okay, I already tell to much about the show, for a detailled report please visiting my blog for a new blogpost about the last day).

DAY 16:

LAST rehearsal day on the big stage. There is actually not a lot to say here, haha. :p Just rehearsing all the time…

Here are a few pictures of the rehearsals on the stage (I didn’t find a picture I was in but it gives you a sort of image):




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