Miss Supranational: FINAL SHOW 1/12 (DAY 17)

So this is my last blogpost in the Miss Supranational serials… And we end with the climax… The big show of Miss Supranational that has annually several billion viewers when it gets aired in December was about to start soon…

So we didn’t get a lot of sleep before the final night, we had to get up early to do the general rehearsal and no, we also didn’t eat a lot during the last day. I was almost fainting due to the effects of hypoglycemia because we didn’t get lunch and the tough rehearsing has its toll. Anyway, luckily I didn’t faint and we got atleast something to eat before the real show was about to start.
It was a little stressy to get the make up and hair done of 70 girls but luckily we were in time. Wooow, that was REAL show make up and hair. It was really va-va-voom, big hair and heavy make up: that is what is needed for the heavy lighting under the spots of the stage. My make up was apparently based on one of J lo’s red carpet looks, so then you kind of feel like a star, right? 😉 I mean it is quite cool since in normal life you  never get to look as wow like that.



Me in my Belgian national costume made by designer Roman Vandycke. Have you ever seen such a special costume like this?

I have to say I felt extremely relaxed on stage… Like normally I am so sooo nervous, but now I just more enjoyed the dances than to have stress for it. I was actually quite relaxed to be honest. Maybe the fact that we rehearsed for days and hours looong really made the difference and that way you are so used to all the dances and all the steps that it becomes like automatic pilot. Or maybe it is the fact that after having so much pageant experience in a short time, I really got used to being on a stage. I also didn’t realize the show would be watched by so many people since you are just in front of a camera but the realization is not there. The only thing I was VERY scared for, was that I would fall on stage during the national costume competition. I wore these very very high heels (15 cm) to get the maximum height on stage since you quickly disappear on such a big stage like that and I am already quite small with my 1m65. 😉 But I was not so used in walking in them so I was a little scared for that. :p Also my national costume I really liked and I thought it was special but it was very very hard to walk on it, I could only walk very small steps but we had to walk in groups of 3 so I was just walking so far behind them because I couldn’t follow. :p Luckily the cameramen were good at avoiding that as much as possible on screen.


Swimsuit dance on stage, can you spot me? (For sure for me the best part of the show!)


Backstage with the lovely Miss El Salvador and Miss France. Here you really can see that my make up is VERY heavy but under the big spots, it looks a lot less. :p (not so flattering picture anyway)

Quite soon already the top 25 got announced. I didn’t expect to be in there since you could notice a little during the trip who were the favourites of the organisation and it was not me. :p I honestly didn’t really like that, since there were clearly some girls more picked for extra photoshoots than others but that is just how it is. Also the country that you represent has a big influence on your ranking and I think it says something if Belgium barely reaches a top on international level. Anyway, I didn’t really see the top 25 and top 10 completely coming, but that is just the choice of the organisation. This is just my honest opinion on it and I like to be that in my blogposts without hiding too much, although I am bound to a contract so I am not allowed to say everything.


Before the top 25 got announced. I like this dress of Chic dress by luxury but I think I could have made a better choice for on stage…

Anyway, I was never there with a certain goal in mind, reaching the top 25 would have been wonderful but for me I was just there to have fun and to get that big experience in my life. For me it looked like a total dream to be in one of the biggest international pageants in the world and it was also partly like that, but everything has its pros and cons ofcourse. Would I do it again given the opportunity? Well it is a long time away from my study so that is a little bit of a problem but in general such a big international pageant is hard work and you are not just there for a holiday. You have very little sleep, you are not really free to do what you want and you are constantly being judged, and a lot of times for superficial reasons. But ofcourse next to that, I really still think it was a once in a lifetime experience where I met tons of nice people from a different background and culture, I could  wear all these nice dresses and I could be on a big stage in such a big show! It was really special and I have also grown a lot as a person. Pageants might be a little superficial, but after all that pageant experience, I have gotten more confident than ever! (I think I also would never have dared to start a blog without all these experiences, so that says enough right :p)


Me and Miss Singapore backstage at the end of the show where we had to be dressed in silver gowns. This dress I really really like, also of Chic dress by Luxury.

Here you can see the final show for those who are interested:

Final show Miss Supranational 2017




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