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Ruffles and pastels… Always trending in spring and summer and oh so pretty, soft and feminine. I always thought I didn’t look great in pastels but I think it is important to try out a lot of pastels and then you will always find some type of pastel that really suits you great!
I think you can say that the colour ‘lavender’ is the HOTTEST for the moment, so if that type of colour suits you, then I would definitely go for it.
I decided to wear a blue pastel coloured blouse when going on a restaurant with my boyfriend some time ago.
This top I was wearing is from Zara (unfortunately not available anymore but click at the link above to shop a very similar model) and I directly fell in love with it!
My boyfriend didn’t like the fact that the blouse makes your belly pop up sometimes but I think that pastel colours and ruffles look classy enough to counteract that fact. And hey, tops showing a subtle part of your belly is also totally in, right? 😉


Pastel blue ruffled blouse with white skinny jeans and beige Michael Kors bag


And oh, for the girls that are also a member of the itty bitty titty community, I have some tip here for you. Did you know that wearing ruffles helps to make your boobs look bigger or hide the fact that they are small? Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with having small boobs, but if you don’t like it so much, then it wouldn’t hurt to wear a lot of tops with ruffles.

I also really like to wear white pants in spring and summer!
I think it gives a very neat and sophisticated look and it looks more classy than a pair of jeans. If you feel a little insecure about the size of your lower body, it might not be a good idea to wear white pants. It makes your bottom parts look a lot bigger than they actually are (unless that is what you want to obtain ofcourse!).
When I am wearing white pants, my mom really asks everytime if I gained some weight. And… that is never the case!
I don’t care so much but just know that it can have that effect.


Pastel blue ruffled blouse with white skinny jeans and beige Michael Kors bag

Blue ruffled blouse with white jeans and Michael Kors bag


Oh, and I love this beige Michael Kors bag! I think every girl should have an MK bag, no doubt about that. 😉 This colour of handbag is perfect for summer and spring.

Shop the look:


As you can see, I have a new feature on my website! From now on, you can copy the exact same outfit since I featured all the clothing pieces and accessoires I wore for the outfit with a direct link to where you can buy it! (or not always the exact same pieces since for example the top was sold out but I found quite a similar piece)
If you really like an item I used in an outfit post, then you can just click on the item under the picture and then you are redirected to the site where you can buy it instantly.

BUT not only that, from now on you can make a screenshot of my outfit on Instagram and if you download the app, you directly have access to all the links of the clothing & accessoires I used!

So number one tip, everyone that is reading this, follow these steps: (or watch the video)

1) Go to the place on your smartphone to download new apps
2) Search for ‘Liketoknowit’
3) Download the app
4) When downloaded, make an account and search for your favourite fashion influencer (me!): kimdetollenaere
5) Follow me and look at my outfit pictures to see where I got the clothing from with the direct link!

Oh, and when you have downloaded it, then never mind that I only have one picture uploaded on my profile. I just started… BUT more is coming soon!



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