FLORAL DRESSES & OVER THE KNEE BOOTS (+ what happens when you wear your dress the wrong way)

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Floral dresses… I literally can’t get enough of this clothing piece in summer! I think I have like 10 floral dresses hanging in my closet.
Yet, I still succeed to buy more floral dresses every spring and summer season.
Floral summer dresses have something romantic, girly and sweet. For me, it is an ultimate musthave in your summer closet!
If you decide to buy a new floral dress this season, I am telling you: vintage floral prints is the way to go.


Abercrombie floral dress with over the knee boots and sunglassesI know that my over the knee boots are falling off. Little mistake there, haha! Maybe I should start a trend of middle knee boots?


This dress with floral vintage print I am wearing is from Abercrombie & Fitch. I have always loved the look of their floral dresses and I think I have already 5 floral dresses of that brand in my closet… Obsessed? Uhm…


Abercrombie floral dress with over the knee boots and sunglassesThe right way to wear this dress of Abercrombie & Fitch. Why do I say that? You will read that further in this blogpost! 😉


There is one thing really really cool about this dress: you can wear it in 2 ways! Okay, I don’t really think that it is the intention of the brand to wear it in 2 ways, but I will tell you something.
When my dress arrived by post – because I always do online shopping – I directly tried it on. Unfortunately, I had quite a lot of troubles with getting it on the right way.
I didn’t find a way to tie the dress so that the part that had to be in the back could also be in the front (if you get what I mean :p). That is why I decided to wear the dress backwards.


Abercrombie floral dress with over the knee bootsA result of the first photoshooting where I wore the dress backwards. Do you think it is very obvious? :p

It sounds really stupid, I know, but I thought it also looked okay and good enough.
That is why I decided to do the OOTD photoshooting (OOTD = abbreviation for outfit of the day) and we shooted quite some pics. After that photoshooting, I suddenly found a way to wear the dress the right way.
I suddenly thought it might be a little weird to wear a dress backwards, no?
I mean as a fashion blogger making these fashion mistakes, I couldn’t do that… Or can I?
That is why I decided to do another shooting in the dress in the right way! :p


Abercrombie floral dress with over the knee boots wayfarer sunglasses


However, I actually think both ways look equally good. And actually it comes in quite handy: the ‘backwards’ way is good for when you want to look a little more decent because there is not a lot of cleavage showing and it is high up your neck. The normal way of wearing it shows quite some cleavage and might not be appropriate in some circumstances.

Personally, I think it is quite cool. You can buy the dress here, it is an ultimate must have in your summer closet and Abercrombie & Fitch always provides good quality!


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Something that we probably don’t really think about quickly when it is sunny and warmer weather is to wear a summer dress with a pair of boots. It might seem a little contradictory since ofcourse you wear boots in winter and not in summer or late spring. However, over the knee boots are still hot for this season! I think combining a summer dress with over the knee boots gives a special look. It is something different than wearing it with sandals or ballet flats, don’t you think?
I atleast like the look of it and as long as the temperatures don’t get very hot (in terms of 28-35 degrees celcius), you can pull of the combination! Even when it is a little more chilly outside, you can pull over a nice cardigan over your dress and you are good to go!


Abercrombie floral dress with over the knee boots and sunglassesWhy not wear a floral summer dress with a pair of over the knee boots? Something different, right? 


Finishing of the look with some sunglasses (so that we can stare at people without them noticing us :p) that are Ray ban Wayfarer inspired. I was always very much in love with the Ray Ban aviator and I have like 3 pairs of them in my closet, but I thought it was time for another model and I found it. The Wayfarer -or sunglasses that look like it- is also an ultimate classic under the sunglasses and you can never go wrong with this model, trust me.


Abercrombie floral dress with over the knee boots and sunglassesAdd some nice sunglasses like the Ray Ban Wayfarer (or inspired by it when you miss some cash :p) and you are good to go!


Not to forget my favourite bag of all time to combine it with: the black Liu Jo. Suits almost all my outfits and is small and practical to go around for a whole day.

But tell me, how do you combine your floral dresses?



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