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5 days in Denmark: what I wore and what I did

I have been pretty quiet the last 2 months on this blog. I have been busy with studying and taking medical exams. Also, I have been putting more emphasis on my Instagram than on my blog, because I feel like in the year of 2018 there are less people visiting blogs and more people checking Instagram feeds and stories than ever before! People love to consume instant information rather than reading a whole blogpost, isn’t that true? Next to that, it also saves me a lot of time in my very hectic medical student/fashion and travel influencer life. 😉


blue lace midi dress
One of the outfits I wore in Denmark while visiting a castle and the park surrounding it. This midi lace dress is really the bomb! I have been seeing it everywhere on social media and figured I also wanted one. 😉 I initially thought a midi dress wouldn’t work with my petite frame, but it is okay, no? You can get this dress in multiple colours but a blue pastel colour is my fave.

Get this look:



Anyway, I try to write a blogpost now whenever I feel like it and find the time for it. I thought it would be interesting to write about the 5 days I have spent in Denmark after my exam period.
Initially, the reason why I visited Denmark was to attend a graduation ceremony and party of my boyfriend’s sister that had finished her high school years.



Danish graduation party
Me and my boyfriend’s sister Emilie at the graduation party.



That was the first thing I did when I arrived in Denmark. I think the graduation ceremony is not so much more different than the one I experienced myself and it might also be different from school to school. It is hard to generalize but I think that the graduation ceremony in Denmark is a little more relaxed and less formal. That already gives a good view of the mentality of the Danes: they are very relaxed people and you will rarely see them dressed up formal (atleast from what I have seen ;)).



Danish graduation ceremony
Emilie and her boyfriend at the graduation ceremony.



What is also very unique to Denmark’s graduation traditions is these white with blue/red hats they wear. Just look at the picture above. 😉



White dress cult gaia bag and statement earrings
Another outfit I wore the last few days. This is what I looked like for the graduation ceremony, since I knew a white dress was typical to wear for a graduation, I thought this one would look appropriate too! Take a look at the bag I am carrying in my hand: the Cult Gaia bag. The most TRENDING bag of the season -even though not so practical- but I think it gives a special look to every outfit. You have to like it though! Some statement earrings give every outfit an instant extra touch!

Shop this look:



The day after the graduation ceremony, there was the graduation party. Well, that was something totally different for me! In Belgium you first have the graduation ceremony and then a few days later you have prom. In Denmark the prom is already done before the graduation ceremony and the real graduation party comes after that. It doesn’t look anywhere like a prom. I think the graduation party reflects perfectly again the culture of the Danes: it involves a lot of drinking and partying. Like for real.

I am not just talking about a party that starts around 20 o’clock and then lasts for the whole night. No, the tradition is to start around 9.30 in the morning with the people of your class in a sort of truck that transports them from house to house for the WHOLE day long. It is expected that every family of every class member hosts a small party with alcohol and food. So what the whole class is actually doing the whole day in that truck is going from party to party and they only stay 19 minutes at every house. You can imagine what a party that is. 😉



Danish graduation truck party
An example of a typical Danish graduation truck that drives the students from home party to home party. This is not the one I have seen, since I didn’t have my DSLR camera with, but all credits to!



I also visited Copenhagen again during my trip in Denmark. Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark and even though it is not as known as other capital cities in Europe, it is certainly worth a visit! It is a very beautiful city. It was also very good weather at that time, so ofcourse that made it very agreeable to walk around.


Copenhagen lunch restaurant
Having lunch in Copenhagen close to the little mermaid statue. Ofcourse, they only serve seafood, it is right next to the sea. 😉



It was a pretty quick visit of one day so I haven’t seen all the places that you should visit. I have seen the little mermaid statue that is worldwide known. I have to say the statue is pretty small, but that is mostly the case, just like the Belgian ‘manneken pis’ is also pretty small. :p Or can you compare?



the little mermaid copenhagen
Me in front of the Little mermaid statue in Copenhagen.



When you see a picture on Instagram passing by of Copenhagen, you will never miss to see a view of ‘Nyhaven’. It is the old fisherman’s district in Copenhagen and it certainly has a lot of charmes. What once was a fisherman’s district, is now a district for the rich & wealthy people. If you want to buy a small house there, it is already worth a few million euros… Also, it is very very cozy to dine there, but you certainly should have a big wallet because you should be ready to pay 14 euros for a glass of wine. :p



Nyhavn girl
The typical look of Nyhavn.



You shouldn’t forget to do a canal boat tour when in Copenhagen! I really thought that was a very cozy thing to do and that way you didn’t have to walk around to see the highlights of the city (a good thing to do for when you are as lazy as me 😉 ).

Finishing off with a small visit to Amalienborg, the royal residence in Copenhagen. Down below you can see some pictures of me posing in front of the church right next to Amalienborg. It is one of the biggest dome churches in Europe!



Amalienborg copenhagen with model in floral maxidress
In front of Frederiks curch at the westside of the Royal Palace wearing a dress of Chic Affair (buy this dress at



One day I also went to the beach in Denmark. Well, it is not THAT different from Belgium but it certainly has another charm to it. It’s a very beautiful country overall and especially when it is as good weather as I had (29 degrees), it is a very nice country to visit for your next holiday!


Sooo… What trip is next? I honestly have no idea… I am first waiting on my resit schedule and after that I hope to book a last minute trip to an unknown place! Will be updated…



real little mermaid copenhagen
At the beach in Denmark. Don’t you see a little resemblance between me and the little mermaid statue? :p


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