My holiday in Hungary (looks + mini guide) : part 1


Before the academic year starts again, I decided to go on my last summer holiday of the year.
It was quite an easy choice to choose the destination since my family has a nice holiday house in Hungary with a beautiful view over the famous big lake of Balaton.



The house has such a beautiful view over the Balaton lake. It is located on the top of a small mountain and it is wonderful to wake up like that everyday!



The house is located in the cozy city of Vonyarcvashegy -can you pronounce that?- at the top of a mountain where it is very calm and quiet. It is a good place to plan a holiday where you want to come to rest and calm down, far from the stressful work/study environment.




Me at the terrace of the house in Hungary. What do you think of the latest leopard print trend?


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Just a cute look I wore that I wanted to show you… 😉

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Ofcourse there are also a lot of nice things to do: you can visit the wellness city of Héviz, the beautiful castle of Keszthely or the beach of Lake Balaton.
Not to forget to mention, you are a 1,5 hours drive away from the main touristic hotspot of Hungary which is the capital city Budapest!




The wellness city of Heviz


Heviz is a city close to the house and is known as the wellness city of the region. It is mostly known for the ‘Lake Heviz’ which is Europe’s biggest thermal lake.

Me and my boyfriend spent one day at the beautiful 5 stars hotel Lotus Therme to get a complete cure. Next to the typical wellness facilities like different kinds of saunas, a jacuzzi, massages and a pool, they also had a salt cave and a pool with thermal water.

Ofcourse I needed to try these things out since that was quite special.
I really liked the salt cave. It looked very beautiful inside with coloured lighting and walls of salt. It is believed that the salty air would be very good for your lungs and you feel sooo relaxed after a session.


A small part of the salt cave. You see they really made it look like a cave and the walls are full of salt! There is a lot of coloured lighting too which makes it look very beautiful in its whole.
I was just admiring the salt cave, I guess?
Or yeah… Eventually it got so relaxing I decided to sleep! 😉


They also had a pool with thermal water of the lake of Heviz. That way you didn’t really need to go to the lake itself to benefit of the healing effects of the water.

Next to that, they also have a beauty salon, a hairdresser and a lot of medical spa treatments for people who need it. I could really have stayed there several days, even though I already felt reborn after one day cure!

Oh and by the way, the food was really delicious and ofcourse very healthy which suits the theme perfectly.



Some extra pictures shot in the hotel (and some extra outfits to show):




In front of the hotel Lotus Therme.



Definitely cutest swimsuit I have worn this summer! I always like the combo cute + sexy. Unfortunately it was a little hard to make a picture of the hotel from above but the building and swimming pool is made that way that it looks like the Mercedes sign. How cool is that?


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I don’t know why I failed this shooting, haha.





2. Balaton lake + beach


I think everyone has heard of the Balaton lake and if not, you probably have heard of the Balaton sound festival. :p
Unfortunately, I had to skip this lovely festival this year since I couldn’t be there in July but atleast I could lay a little at the beach around the Balaton lake.

It is not really a beach in the way we know it since there is no sand and no sea. Instead, there is grass and a big lake. However, it also has its benefits since sand can be quite sticky, right?

The Balaton lake is a very big lake located in Hungary and all over the lake there are lots of beaches where people go to in summer to relax. Every year, tons of tourists go visit the beaches there and there is no doubt why.

An extra plus: having dinner or lunch at the Balaton lake is not pricy at all!



Around the Balaton lake there are several beautiful and cosy cities. One of them is Balatonfüred and it is very known for its harbour.



In front of the Balaton lake during sunset. Even though it was too hot to wear fall clothing, I tried to incorporate the leopard print in my bikini atleast. :p


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I really love this cute swimsuit look!


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Blue stripes all over! Oh and this little piece of sand was only a few square meters big, just saying. 😉


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