My first red carpet look at the Film Festival of Ghent

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I was really excited when I  got to hear of VRT (for non Belgian people: VRT is the biggest media organisation of Belgium) that I was invited to walk the red carpet for the world premiere of the serial ‘Over water’ at the Film Festival of Ghent.

I got the news very last minute so I didn’t have a lot of time to plan in my red carpet look. I also didn’t really know what was appropriate to wear, even though I know Belgian people are not really into the really glamorous looks and like to dress down more than up.

However, I am totally not like that so I decided to give it full gas. Ofcourse… 😉 I wore a long figure hugging evening dress in the colour of champagne. Since I had to order the dress last minute, I didn’t have the time to make it fit properly so the dress was a little too long but luckily I could save that a little with wearing 14 cms heels under it. I have to tell you: that was painful. You know what they say: when you want to look beautiful, you should also be ready to endure some pain. That quote is totally correct IMO.



red carpet film festival gent look



It was an amazing evening! It all started with the red carpet moment with first the whole cast of ‘Over water’.



red carpet film festival gent
I was actually not planning to post this unedited picture… Anyway, already started with the first red carpet mistake. OMG, look at my nude sticky bra showing aaaaah… 🙁 Luckily I am not a hollywood star or I was already in the gossip magazines, hahaha.



After that, we got to see 2 episodes of ‘Over Water’ and I really liked it! The serial is about a man called John Beckers that was once Flanders’ most favourite moviestar but his success disappeared quickly when he got addicted to gambling and alcohol. I really loved the cast and the storyline.

The 2 episodes were followed with a nice reception with all the media people and the cast itself.



red carpet film festival look



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