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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT + 5 favorite looks of fall/winter



Y’aaaall, it has been an embarrassing long time ago since I have made my latest blogpost. I am planning to get active again on the blog and maybe I will also make more video content.
To start, I will show you my favorite outfits that I have been wearing during fall/winter while I give you a few updates on my life.



Little black dress with beige coat and over the knee boots
This is such a simple yet sophisticated and chic look. I am in love with the beige coat, an ultimate musthave for winter!




I don’t know if you have seen my latest blogpost but it features my first YouTube video EVER and it was super awkward to make. Not to forget to mention that my English was very bad just because it felt so awkward to talk in front of a camera.
Anyway, I have heard every big Youtuber say their first video wasn’t the best. I guess I will improve? :p What did you think of the video and would you like more videos instead of written posts?



Blazer dress with black over the knee boots
This is an outfit I shot in collaboration with NA-KD fashion. It is something different than I would normally wear but I love it!




The last few months I got a bit too focused on growing my Instagram account and putting up quality content there. That and of course my studies on top, which makes it sometimes incredibly hectic for me. Anyway, I absolutely LOVE to do this and it really fills my heart that all the effort is paying off! I have grown an insane amount of followers on Instagram lately so the snowball effect is kicking in. :p
Oh, and I have been verified as an influencer with legit followers on one of the most reputable influencer agencies in the world which is Fohr.



Little black dress with winter hat and cognac boots
A fall way to wear the little black dress… Maybe an idea for early spring?




However, the point of writing this blogpost was my big announcement, wasn’t it?
That big announcement is that I will launch my own clothing online shop in February!
A lot of bloggers including me use the app to link their clothing, but I was just not satisfied with that. is such a popular app in the United States but there are barely no people that know it in Europe.
I have a big international following and I need to make sure that I can offer the clothing I am wearing to an international public.
It was really hard to tag my clothing and to make it possible that it could get shipped out to all countries in the world. That and also the fact that I couldn’t control any stock and if a product was out of stock in a lot of sizes, I wouldn’t get notified.
This made it extremely frustrating for the followers that are interested in buying my outfits because sometimes they couldn’t because of not living in that country where the dress gets sold online or just because it wasn’t in stock for their size which I just have no control over.



Grey checked coat with white sweater dress and grey over the knee boots
I have gotten a lot of questions about the fact that I have ‘bare legs’ in my winter pictures. The explanation is that I love to wear nude stockings just because it suits my outfits a lot better than dark and/or black stockings. So no, no bare legs in winter! Too cold, haha. :p




That is why I decided to make my own online shop where I can control the stock myself and I have made it possible to ship worldwide either for free or for a very low fee.
I have made some collaborations with other retailers to make that happen.
Next to that, I will launch somewhere in March my very own dresses collection which will be available on the online shop to buy as well.
I am super excited about this and now the only thing I need is to find a name… I am already struggling with this for a week and I still haven’t found a good one. If anyone of you have some good ideas, please contact me by DM on Instagram.
I will be forever thankful if you have a good idea! <3

(Oh, and I didn’t include ALL my favorite outfits of the last few months just because some outfits will be available to shop when my online shop launches.
These outfits I will keep for another blogpost where I will link directly to the item in my own online store.
Also, the skirt on the featured image of this blogpost will be available on the online shop. Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog so you will get notified when my online shop launches!)


Thanks a lot for reading it all to the end, you guys are the best. <3

xoxo Kim
















Hi there! I am Dr. Kim Detollenaere, aesthetic doctor and owner of 'Doctor Contour' aesthetic guide and clinic. I have been a content creator for several years, next to my busy medical life. Get to know more about me on Instagram, Youtube or check out the 'About me' page on this blog for more info!

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