A Quick Look Through My Hometown with Some Winter Looks



Today I will show you some winter looks while giving a little look through my hometown Mechelen (For my international readers: I live in Belgium, which is a country in Western Europe).
It is the city where I was born and the city where I went to school from when I was 3 until I was 18 years old. I have quite some memories there and I still look back to this city with some nostalgia.
I think it is a beautiful Flemish city and while cities like Ghent, Bruges and Antwerp are visited the most, I still think Mechelen is certainly worth a visit.



Fashion blogger in Mechelen
The river ‘de Dijle’ floods through the city and you can walk right next to it, which is very nice. Also, I have been lately OBSESSING over this blue coat of Hallhuber. I think it looks oh so chic and sophisticated and it brings a little spring colour into my winter wardrobe!

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De river ‘De Dijle’ is flowing through the city and I think it’s lovely that you can walk next to the river in the city on the ‘Dijlepad’.

I remember the ‘vismarkt’ (correct English translation: the fish market) was always a place where I went for a drink in the evening or after school since there are tons of nice bars and cafés.



vismarkt Mechelen
The ‘vismarkt’ (fish market) of Mechelen is the place where I always went for a drink after school or in the evenings.



If you want to have some decent dinner or lunch, you have to go to the ‘Grote markt’ (English: the Grand Place). From there you can see the famous St. Rombouts tower, which is a church that was never finished. That is why it has that little weird structure.



Mechelen Grote Markt
A view of the Grand Place (Grote Markt) in Mechelen.  You can see the Saint Rumbold’s (Sint-Rombouts) Cathedral at the back. It has a different look than your average church, no?
blogger in restaurant in Mechelen
There are a lot of restaurants at the Grand Place (Grote markt) in Mechelen. When I plan to get some dinner or a good lunch, I will always find a restaurant here. And look what I’ve gotten there, one of my favourite dishes: shrimp croquettes! :p My hair looks like a mess after shooting all these outfit pictures in the wind, haha.



Now that it is winter, it is not so nice to walk around too long outside because it is so freezing cold. I can tell you, making these pictures was really hard, haha.
I was sooo cold.



blogger in Grote Markt in Mechelen

Winter outfit skirt with over the knee boots
At the Grand Place (Grote Markt) of Mechelen in this cute grey/pink outfit  and my favourite over the knee boots.

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That is why I needed some time inside and what is a better way to heat up than with going to a wellness?
I got the opportunity to try the wellness of the hotel Mercure Vé at the Vismarkt. You can reserve it all for yourself and your +1 (or some friends or family) and it’s a good way to leave the cold weather in winter behind and have some relaxing time.



Mercure Ve spa en wellness

bikini model pool
Just trying to look sexy while coming out of the water. Did I succeed? :p


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Honestly, there are so many places I could tell you about. However, I just wanted to give you a very quick overview of how my city looks like and not a detailled touristic guide. 😉 If requested, I can always try to make one ofcourse, so let me know!



pink pumps and white sweater outfit

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