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GOOD NEWS! It took some time but I finally succeeded: my clothing store Eubella is online! Save this url as a bookmark in your internet browser: . 😉
Okay, I have to admit: the store is not yet like I want it to be but you can’t have everything at once, right? Step by step I will expand the store and in March/April the new collection will arrive + my own clothing line.

I have gotten quite a lot of questions lately about my online store and I will answer them all here. Also, in between answering the questions I will show some of my favorite pieces in my online store so you can already have a quick look by reading a bit further.
If you click on the pictures,  you can shop that specific item immediately. Hurry before we sell out since this collection won’t get restocked!



  1. Where does the name Eubella come from?
  2. Do you ship to USA? Do you ship to Italy? Do you ship to Germany? Do you ship to Brazil?
  3. Is the clothing expensive?
  4. How is the sizing?
  5. I am an influencer/model and I would like to become an ambassador of Eubella, how can I apply for that?




Tekst van tijdelijke aanduiding (2)

black lace dress






  1. Where does the name Eubella come from?

It took me a long time to get to a good name since you would actually be surprised how hard it is to find a name that is NOT taken yet in the world wide web. :p
I finally found a name which is Eubella! The name comes from the 2 words ‘eu’ and ‘bella’.
Eu comes from the Greek language and means true and Bella comes from the Spanish/Italian language and means beauty.
Eubella stands for true beauty and with my brand I would like to spread one important message to all women in the world: true beauty comes in all sizes, shapes and colours. And guess what, the right clothing for the right skin colour, hair colour and body shape really can make everyone’s unique true beauty shine!




Tekst van tijdelijke aanduiding (2)

Chanel inspired skirt





Tekst van tijdelijke aanduiding (3)

floral-maxi-dress-1floral maxi dress





2. Do you ship to USA? Do you ship to Brazil? Do you ship to Germany? Do you ship to Italy?

Yes, we do! We ship WORLDWIDE. However, delivery times may vary depending on where you live. We strive to deliver within 10 business days, but can be later in rare cases and that unfortunately is out of our power.
You can ask for express shipping so that you have your order in maximum a week, but then you need to contact me through my social media or through the social media of Eubella. You can also always send a mail to for more information or for other special inquiries.




Tekst van tijdelijke aanduiding (3)

pink maxi skirtpink-maxi-skirt-2






Tekst van tijdelijke aanduiding (2)






3. Is the clothing expensive?

We are striving to keep the clothes affordable for most people. However, average prices for clothing may vary from country to country which could make it expensive for certain countries.




Tekst van tijdelijke aanduiding (2)

Grey tweed skirt with buttons





Tekst van tijdelijke aanduiding (2)pastel lace midi dress




4. How is the sizing? 

It is generally known that in every country there is a different sizing system. When I go to Germany to one of my favourite stores Zara, I will always take a size XS instead of a S. However, when I would go to the same store Zara in Italy for example, I would take a size S instead of an XS.
So please beware, always look at the sizing guide before buying an item because exchanging an item is just a lot of work: for us but also for you!
It’s actually advised to order a size up since we have a little smaller fit than average. I would actually dare to say that a size medium of is the same as a size small in an average store.
If you doubt about your size, don’t hesitate to contact us through mail ( or you can always send us a message on Twitter, Instagram or on our Facebook page.




Tekst van tijdelijke aanduiding (2)

dot pom pom swimsuit





Tekst van tijdelijke aanduiding (2)

two pieces set




5. I am an influencer and I would like to become an ambassador of Eubella, how can I apply for that?

I would first of all suggest you to follow our social media channels, especially Instagram. We are planning to organize a contest soon to chose our brand ambassadors also called our Eubellas. Unfortunately we will only select a certain amount of girls since we prefer to keep the group of Eubellas exclusive.

As Eubella will grow in the future, the Eubellas will also get exclusive invites to our events and other opportunities. It is also good to put on your resumé as an upcoming model or fashion influencer. Oh, and before I forget to mention: as a Eubella you will receive FREE clothing.

We don’t have a specific minimum amount of followers that is required to apply, but we will for sure take a look at the type and quality of followers you have. Also, we will look at the type of content you have on your Instagram feed and if it fits our aesthetic.















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