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5 Early Spring Jackets & Looks

My most favorite season arrived: spring! Winter is finally over (thank God!), these cold days and evenings, winter hats and winter jackets will be gone. The temperatures will slowly start to rise and the animals go out of their winter sleep.

What I find so beautiful about spring is the thing that everything comes to life: the trees grow their spring blossoms as a signal that they are growing again, the animals start making new life and the sun starts to shine more and more.

Oh but wait, this is a fashion blog and not a biology blog, isn’t it?
I forgot to say that I really really really am happy that these winter clothing can finally be stuffed in these boxes under my bed again.
In general, I always think it is a lot harder to make some cute looks when it is freezing outside.
That is also the reason why I always shoot a little colder outfits in winter, just because a big winter jacket and jeans is not really my definition of a cute outfit. Shooting in crazy cold winter temperatures is also a serious nightmare!
Also, my most favorite seasons for fashion are spring/summer. I just can’t hide the fact that I am obsessed with cute little summer dresses (preferably with a lace or floral detail).

Anyway, since wearing summer dresses alone in early spring won’t really be possible where I live (of course the weather can take extreme turns but in general it won’t be possible!), I will show you some nice spring jackets to wear instead.




  1. The Jean Jacket




This pic shows that also bloggers can have a little belly while sitting down. :p I chose to not photoshop this pic though (but shh… It was also that time of the month).



Oooh, the jean jacket. An ultimate classic under the spring jackets (because no, this trend won’t go away) and it’s ideal if you like more casual looks. You can never do something wrong with a jean jacket I think, I even did a blogpost last year about it. You can read it here. (You will probably notice that my blogposts have improved, haha)






Personally I don’t like it when people pair jeans with jeans, I just don’t think it makes the outfit look balanced but that is my opinion. I love to pair my jean jackets with a cute romper, a dress or even a skirt!






By the way, I am completely obsessed with hairbands nowadays. I already bought 7 different hairbands for spring and summer because I think it gives every basic look a cute touch! And maybe it might distract from having a bad hair day, haha.









2. The Trenchcoat


Another classic for spring and it can look oh so sophisticated and chic if well combined.


Kopie van Kopie van Kopie van Tekst van tijdelijke aanduiding (3)

trench coat spring outfit

trench coat spring outfit






3. Pink Waterfall (Trench) Coat


If you have followed me a little longer, you probably know my favorite colour is pink. In general, I love to wear soft pastel colors in spring: think in terms of light blue, light pink and white.

I have to admit that this coat is very long and normally I don’t like long coats with my petite frame but with some heels under it and a little dress, it looks more in balance. Something different to try, what do you think?



Kopie van Kopie van Kopie van Tekst van tijdelijke aanduiding (2)

waterfall trench coat spring

waterfall trench coat spring






4. Tweed Chanel Look-a-like Jacket


Normally for spring I would take a little lighter colour but my eyes fell on this model and I couldn’t resist!
I do think that a tweed jacket will always be a classic and since it makes people think of Chanel, you can be sure it will look chic and sophisticated! I love to pair it with a tweed skirt in the same colour/pattern so that it matches together.



Kopie van Kopie van Kopie van Tekst van tijdelijke aanduiding (1)

chanel tweed set

chanel lookalike look




5. Blazer


A blazer is a must-have! I think I already had a black, dark blue and beige one in my closet but I thought it was time for something new. Yes, again, a pink one is something I needed to have. This pink colour radiates some spring vibes and it is also being sold on www.eubella.com!



Kopie van Kopie van Kopie van Tekst van tijdelijke aanduiding (2)






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