Wearable art that breathes life into your everyday look! (4 outfit ideas ft. MOTF x Art Silk Collection))

I have always been a creative soul since childhood. I loved to draw fashion sketches at home as a child and I can appreciate art itself. So, after some very stressful and hectic months in medical school where I had limited spare time, I decided to go for an outdoor painting session this weekend to ease my mind and let my creativity flow. I think the artistic side is also in my genes since my mom is an artist.

That’s why I was very enthusiastic when MOTF (Shein’s premium sister brand) launched the new silk and art collection where iconic and modern artworks get mixed with fashion.
MOTF X ICONIC ARTISTS is an art gallery on its own. You can find the likes of Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Wassily Kandinsky, and more. There are some popular modern names in the list too. But something attracted me more to the classics and these are the 4 looks  that I have chosen from the collection, each inspired by a specific painting. To buy the clothing items, I inserted the links to each item below the image and don’t forget to use the discount code since you don’t want to miss out on saving some money. 😉


Use code ‘ART0131’ to get a 15% discount on the MOTF x Art Silk collection


Use code ‘ART0131’ to get a 15% discount on the MOTF x Art Silk collection



1) Classic work outfit 

Blouse: Click here
Pants: Click here
Pumps: Click here
Bag: Click here


This is the perfect classic work outfit for me! You can never do wrong with black suit pants, some killer heels and a turtleneck bow blouse. However, this blouse looks a bit more special since the print is inspired by Hannah Borger Overbeck’s Leaf Cup gives a more sophisticated and artsy look. Unfortunately I couldn’t make pictures wearing this look since I am waiting on the pants to arrive, but I think the picture above shows the combination of the multiple items.




2)    Outfit for an outdoor painting session or another sunny day outside 

Dress: Click here
Scarf: Click here
Floral earrings: Click here


I think this look was perfect to wear on a sunny spring day when painting outside in a beautiful park. This look in particular looks so artsy! The dress and scarf are inspired by one of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings ‘Irises’.




If you look at the colors and design closely, you will be blown away by how a blend of some basic colors like white and blue is meshed together to create a refreshing art. Not only that but the beautiful floral design is ideal to wear for summer outings. Pair it with white flats or with nude heels like I did, and you will look like a fresh breeze of air on a sunny day.




3)    Chic Sunday Brunch Outfit 


Dress: Click here
Scarf/headband: Click here
Bag: Click here


Claude Monet is another huge name in the world of art and his painting ‘Landscape’ captures the breathtaking French countryside perfectly. This midi dress does a perfect job of integrating this wonderful artwork ‘Landscape’ and I think it looks oh so classy for a chic Sunday brunch, especially paired with this matching scarf in the hair. I prefer to wear it as a headband.




You can see in the picture how refreshingly beautiful this dress looks. Perfect for a day out in summer, gallivanting around the city. I loved pairing it with gorgeous white heels, a stylish handbag and a headband matching my dress. Doesn’t it look serene?

You can play with different ideas in your mind and work your own magic of creativity to look vibrant or glamorous, depending on how good you are at dressing up.





4)    Floral everyday blouse 


Blouse: Click here
Earrings: Click here


Next up is a dreamier design by Van Gogh integrated into a blouse. I chose this blouse because I think it can be ideal for multiple occasions. With minor adjustments, you can wear it at both formal and casual events. For the best impression, pair it up with white pants and look effortlessly chic.

Imagine laying under a blossom tree, looking up at the branches dancing against the blue backdrop that is the sky. That’s exactly what this famous artwork looks like. It symbolizes rebirth. Maybe that’s why every time I look at it, I feel livelier.





I could go on and on shopping from this wonderful collection. I feel like with these additions, my closet has already become a treasure. It has art, it has representation from different parts of the world, and even better, it’s silk!

This was super fun for me. Fashion is my favorite subject and then the special idea of this collection made it an absolute pleasure.

For now, I’ll leave you with these four looks to try. I’ll be back with more soon. Hopefully, with something equally thrilling and iconic. Until then, enjoy MOTF’s collection and let me know about your favorite pieces!

Use code ‘ART0131’ to get a 15% discount on the MOTF x Art Silk collection







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