The Magical Facial Ice Globes – Are They Worth It?

Magical wands do exist! Yes- a magical wand- that would work instantly and would make your life much easier. I am talking about the facial Ice globes. Ice globes are small massaging wands invented by the famous celebrity facialist Georgia Louise and are one of the trending items in the world of beauty. So, if you want your skin to look young and fresh every day, keep reading this blog.

My Experience

I was intrigued the moment I saw the facial ice globes. It was something I had never tried before. When I heard of its benefits and raging reviews, I decide to give it a shot. I just used it to massage my face the other day and I couldn’t be happier. The results surpassed my expectations as it instantly soothed my skin.
I used the ice globes of the online shop of Lesley-Ann Poppe.

First, I put the facial ice globes in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. Once it was cold enough, I took it out and massaged my face with the chilled roller. The experience was so refreshing that I couldn’t help but share it with you.

So, to help you learn everything about the product I am going to share the what’s and how’s of the facial ice globe. Let’s get started ?


What are Ice globes?

Ice globes are small wands used for massaging the skin. These globes are made up of glass or metal. The main purpose of the innovative beauty product is to cool down the skin and reduce any kind of inflammation. They are filled with a gel-like substance that can be chilled within a matter of minutes. You only need to put it in the fridge (or freezer) and let it cool for some time. You can use it at any time, as per your convenience.


How To Use Ice Globes:

Firstly, you need to put the globes in the fridge or freezer (depending on their type). Let it cool for some time. Meanwhile, cleanse your skin with a cleanser. Then massage the skin with the facial globes. You could also use ice for this purpose but facial globes are designed in a way that makes the massaging movements easier. Keep massaging in upward movements. For lymphatic drainage (that would be discussed later in the blog) use downward movements.

Picture from Bubblyboo Ice Globes
How to use the ice globes (Picture from


When to Use Them

Cold massage has a lot of benefits. It has been practiced by a lot of people including celebrities and athletes. Putting cold ice packs or ice cubes on the skin reduces puffiness, inflammation, and swelling. It increases blood circulation.

Ice globes come in handy after the use of skin peeling solutions. Skin peeling solution may clear the skin but can also cause irritation and redness on the skin. If you want to soothe your skin and reduce irritation, you can safely use the ice globes. Ice globes will also help treat sunburn and rashes on the skin. 

Skin puffiness is one of the most common problems. Especially after waking up in the morning, you may experience puffiness under the eyes and it would make your face look tired. Ice globes can work wonders to overcome this problem instantly.

In older times, women would put a metal spoon in the fridge at night so it would get chilled by the morning and then use it to reduce puffiness. But now you don’t have to use a spoon anymore because ice globes are here to save the day. They can be chilled within a few minutes as they filled with liquid that gets chilled quickly.

Here is a little piece of advice, the facial globes should be cleaned after use with the help of a soft washcloth. You may wrap them and keep them in a padded box after use.


Why Should you Avoid Ice Cubes and Use Ice Globes?

Using ice cubes is a decades old remedy to reduce puffiness or redness on the skin. It is an ancient remedy, but it may be harmful to the skin in many ways:

  • It Can Damage Skin Capillaries:

If you have super sensitive skin then using ice cubes on your skin can cause irritation and redness on your skin. This is because the skin capillaries are sensitive and get damaged easily, so your skin Applying ice cubes directly to the face can damage your skin.

  • Cause Headaches:

If you apply ice cubes as a part of your morning skincare routine you might think about it again. Using ice cubes on your skin and being out in the sun can cause massive headaches. So, avoid using ice cubes to avoid such headaches.

  • Effects on Skin Glands:

Our skin consists of various glands which produce secretions that are necessary for our skin health. Applying ice cubes for a long time narrows these glands which results in blocking the secretions. This may cause irritation and infections on the skin.

  • Cell Damage:

Using ice cubes directly on the skin can cause cell damage. Regular use of ice cubes may end up in frost bites and dead cells.

Over the years ice cubes have been considered a remedy for irritated skin. However, as compared to using ice globes, they show various side effects as well. Ice globes are a better option as they are made of glass and the cold substance does not touch the skin directly. Therefore, they give us the same result as using the ice cubes but cut down the harmful effects.



Benefits of using Ice globes:

The best thing about facial globes is that you can use them every day. Making them an essential part of your daily skincare routine would be highly beneficial for your skin. Looking at the cons of using ice cubes, you would find that using ice globes is a much better and safer alternative. You can use ice globes to massage in your regular moisturizers or serums in your daily routine instead of using your bare hands. The cold wands would make it absorb nicely in the skin and improve its effectiveness.

  • Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation can cause irritation, redness, and puffiness on the face. Using ice globes especially around the nose, under the eyes, and on temples can help reduce inflammation. It helps to soothes the skin and leaves it shining with a healthy glow.

  • Skin Tightening

Age plays a vital role in the condition of our skin. As we age our skin starts to look saggy and dull. But luckily the process of aging skin can be slowed down. Using ice globes can help tighten the skin pores. This makes the skin looks young thus making ice globes an anti-aging product.

  • Works Instantly

The best part about using ice globes is that you do not have to wait endlessly to get the results. Ice globes work within a blink of an eye. Whether it is puffiness or inflammation, it will be reduced within minutes. So you might save a lot of time and money going through different facial treatments and just use ice globes daily.

  • Durable

Ice globes can last for long. It does not matter how much time you put them in the fridge or freezer for. They are durable and will work for a long period of time so investing in ice globes is a wise choice.

  • Non-toxic

These globes are made from high-quality, non-toxic materials. This is an added benefit which means that using it daily is totally safe. Apart from this, ice globes are also environmentally friendly. They are made of plastic-free material and the gel/liquid filled inside them is a biodegradable substance.

  • Lymphatic Drainage

Ice globes help in lymphatic drainage. This means that massaging with ice globes will reduce the impurities built up under the skin and bring the skin back to its original condition. Lymphatic drainage not only improves the skin’s appearance but also boosts the immune system and digestion.

Our skin can be termed as the marker of our health and beauty. Flawless skin is a dream that each and every person wants. The latest beauty trends emphasize achieving flawless skin and it appears that everyone is in a race to attain that.

If we look at our skin, we would find that it does not have a very smooth texture naturally and upon looking closely you might also find pores and follicles. This is completely normal and you would not want to change anything about it. Using the skin globes does not get rid of these pores or follicles. In fact, massaging with ice globes helps shrink the pores.


At the present time, there are numerous facial treatments that help to rejuvenate the skin and make you look younger and more attractive. I personally feel that using ice globes can give you long-lasting results. There are very few products that are totally harmless to use and ice globes are one of them. I hope you found this article helpful and came to a conclusion if you should get them or not. My verdict? I would definitely keep using the magical ice globes to keep my skin appear healthy, fresh, and glowing.

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