My Miss Belgium experience: PART 2 (the provincial finals)

Unfortunately the people that followed my adventure of Miss Belgium on Facebook couldn’t all come to see the big show in De Panne and are also not so updated about what all happened during that evening. Here you can read further about it with a lot of pictures (see below).

After a whole 2 full days of repetition, which was quite exhausting, the show began.

I knew that a majority of the girls from Antwerp would get eliminated very fast in the show and I was very scared of that. I would have find it a shame if I couldn’t do the whole show I have worked for so long!

So the show started and we did our dances and a defilé in evening gown, then the top of each province got announced. I heard my name pretty fast.. Yes, what a relief!! ? That already meant something, I was happy I was in it, since a lot of girls who deserved it in my opinion were not in it and their story was ended.

Then the show continued, I got to do my personal act of maximum 1 minute. I don’t have an outspoken talent for singing or dancing and I have won prizes in the past for speaking  in front of a public and acting, so that was also my personal act. It was a little nerve wrecking to speak in front of 1000 people but after all, it went fine. After the personal act there was another nerve wrecking part: the defilé in bikini and then the question round. Oooh, the question round… I know how to express myself verbally but when nerves kicks in, I suddenly can go from being fluent to stuttering. In the end, it went quite good, but I wished I would have gotten a less banal question. Does intelligence actually matter in this contest? 

That was it. The show was over and I was satisfied. I gave everything of myself in the dances, in the defilés, question round and the personal act. Now it was just waiting on the results…

There was the crowning part… Well unfortunately I didn’t become Miss Antwerp, that honor was for Angeline Flor Pua, which is well deserved.

The final result? I became top 30 of whole Flandres which is also something to be proud of, but unfortunately I can’t be called a finalist for Miss Belgium. ? I was a little disappointed since that was what I worked for, but in the end it is not so bad. Being a provincial finalist was already very hectic and that was in my holiday, so I think being a national finalist would also have been too demanding and I also shouldn’t neglect my studies after all.  Not to forget that the Miss Belgium show is in the middle of my exam period in january. ?

(And yes, it is also a little true what the rumors say… The selection criteria are not always very honest, if I am allowed to say that…Nonetheless it is an amazing experience!)

And you know what they say…. When some doors close, others get open… And yes indeed, another big one opened for me pretty fast, but I will keep you all a little curious before announcing that. Stay tuned! ?




Openingdance with all the candidates for Flandres for Miss Belgium. Every province is in another colour, which gives a very colorful look on the podium. :p My province (Antwerp) was fuchsia.



Presentation in dress of Atelier Exc, sponsor of Miss Belgium.  I was quite enthousiastic looking at that picture. ?


After going through the elimination round, the top of each province could do their personal act. It was a sad story, that is why my face is like that. :p


Bikini round for the TOP.



Crowning part. Unfortunately I can’t show you a picture of me with a crown, haha :p


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