Crowned as Miss Supranational Belgium 2017: INTRO

People that follow me on Facebook with either my page or my personal Facebook profile might already have seen it: I am Miss Supranational Belgium 2017!!! 😀
If we think of big international pageants, the ordinary person directly thinks of Miss Universe and Miss world since they are the biggest and the winner of Miss Belgium and/or runner ups goes to one of these to represent our country.
In pageant world, there is not only Miss Universe and Miss world, but there is a top 5 of the biggest international pageants made which include the two mentioned but also the big international pageant Miss Supranational.
First a little more information about this major pageant. Miss Supranational belongs to the top 5 of biggest pageants in the world and is frequently described as the pageant with the most spectacular show. The show gets broadcasted in 120 countries with an annual number of viewers of 100 million. 😮 The host country this year is Poland (and also partly Slovak Republic). The type of girl they initially were looking for was the tall supermodel and it was also frequently described as the Victoria’s secret show of the pageant world. Luckily for me, there are rumours going on that the concept has changed since they removed the height criterium and gave more importance to women that also have something to say. The winner of last year for example, was one of the more shorter contestants with an engineering diploma.
So after my Miss Belgium adventure I got the chance of my life to represent Belgium in this major contest and ofcourse I said yes! 😀  I will leave to Poland mid November and will stay until the show the 1st of December. Anyway, I don’t really have as ambition to win Miss Supranational or anything like it (which would ofcourse be ultimately amazing!!) since there are 80 other incredibly gorgeous women participating too but ofcourse I will still do my best to represent my country the fullest. I am just very happy I can be a part of this already! 🙂
Representing my country Belgium in a major pageant like this started out with a dream that I never thought I could realize, but eventually this became reality. I just want to end this post with a big message to everyone who is reading this:

‘Whatever your dreams might be, try to chase them. Even if you feel like they are not realistic: if you are the one who believes in it, it might come true one day… Never let yourself discourage you from following your heart. Whether it is because you are afraid from the opinions of people, or it is because you think you are not good enough, or maybe it is because people stop you from doing it or it is because CERTAIN people don’t believe in you or your potential,… YOU are the one with a certain vision in your mind and YOU should realise that vision, without looking back and without caring about what people might think… If you think it is your way to go, then do it. You are the owner of your life, the roads you take and the decisions you make and let no thing or person stop you from that…’

It is one big lesson I want to give everyone since the organisation of Miss Belgium apparently didn’t believe in me and there are certain people in my life who find the whole pageant thing insanely ridiculous and think it is better to concentrate on my medicine studies than this. In the end I live my own life and I will fulfill my dreams anyway regardless of other people’s opinions or people that don’t believe in me… And well the remark about my medicine studies… Medicine stays central in my life and will be for decades to come, what is 14 days in Poland then? :p





If you want to know how the show looks like, click on the link to watch the show of last year. 😉 Typically about an international pageant is that it includes next to a bikini and an evening gown part, also a national costume part. My national costume will be made by Roman Vandycke and I am quite curious to the result!

Show Miss Supranational 2016


Please stay tuned to read more about my Miss Supranational adventure in my next posts! <3

Posts coming up:

‘How do I prepare myself for Miss Supranational?’ ,Updates about my days in Poland and Slovak Republic and more…



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