Preparing for my departure to POLAND! (Miss Supranational adventure)

Long time, no blogpost here! It is a little hectic to combine my studies of medicine with such a huge contest like this and then also trying to keep a blog updated, so that is why it is a little silent. Studies always get priority, although this is ofcourse a once in a lifetime chance that shouldn’t be missed. My fellow students of medicine probably haven’t seen me a lot in classes and that is not because I was neglecting my studies completely, more out of the reason to win more time to study at home so that I also had some time to prepare!

4 DAYS LEFT. Thursday is the big day and I will leave with 3 big suitcases to Poland to start this wonderful adventure.

3 big suitcases?? Yes, it is incredible what we all have to take with! Luckily I got a lot of help from sponsors and other people to help me with that. My national costume is made by Roman Vandycke and a lot of my dresses are sponsored by Chic dress by Luxury. I have at least 7 cocktail dresses and 4 long gowns. 😮

I also learned how to walk decently since that is actually more important than you would think! We never have learned that in Miss Belgium which I find a little bit of a fault…

Next to that, I also try to do my daily workouts! The international level is suuuper high and although I am blessed with being naturally skinny without having to diet, I can’t go to there without having toned my body decently.  For the people that like me don’t want to spend hours everyday in the fitness center, here are some videos that I do daily. 😉

Abdomen workout

Abdomen workout 2

Butt and thigh workout

Also, please vote for me by going to this website!! You just click on Belgium and then click on ‘vote’, you can do this multiple times. Support Belgium <3

Voting Miss Supranational 2017


I hope I will have time in Poland to update regularly about everything since it will be quite some adventure! Although I can’t promise everything since apparently the schedule is quite tight.

Stay tuned for more!








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