My Miss Supranational adventure: FIRST DAY AND FIRST IMPRESSIONS

My resolution was to write regular blogposts with updates about my stay in Slovakia and Poland but then it all became so hectic and so little sleep that I preferred to sleep instead of writing a blogpost, haha.

So let’s start with the beginning.

17/11 – Flying to Krakow

I was ready with 4 suitcases at the airport of Eindhoven to leave to Krakow. I didn’t know what to expect and was quite nervous… Was I dressed the right way? How would the people be when I arrived? Will the adventure be like I expected? Will it be fun? Did I bring everything that is necessary? Are the clothes I brought perfect for all the occasions? A lot of questions with no answer but since I am an adventurous person, I was ready to just discover it on my own! 😀

There I was flying alone with high heels on and a dress (with ofcourse a winterjacket and a scarf :p) and a full face of make up and hair done. I got looked at quite a lot and was afraid I wasn’t too overdone but when I arrived at the airport of Krakow and met the other contestants I noticed I wasn’t at all. International pageants is all about presenting yourself at every moment of the day at your best. You wear normal jeans and normal outfits to the minimum and try to look like you go to a party everyday, including full make up, hair and fake eyelashes. Oh, and don’t forget the VERY high heels. I will talk later about that.

I felt a little intimidated meeting all the contestants at once. I sincerely had never met so many gorgeous people at once (the level is a lot higher than in Miss Belgium) and some people were even winners of their national pageant. They all looked flawless. Sometimes thoughts like ‘Am I here at the right place?’ ran across my mind but that all went away after some time.

Anyway, the first day was very tiresome with waiting and waiting and waiting at Krakow airport to get our bus to Slovakia with then the actual bustrip of 3-4 hours to Slovakia to then arrive at midnight. What a loooong day…. Eventually I got to sleep at 3 o’clock in the morning… kimluchtaven.jpeg

Ready to leave at airport of Eindhoven



Not a flattering picture but anyway, it is the tradition to also make a picture with the flag of your country. So that was also done then. 😉


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